четверг, 24 ноября 2022 г.



Mug - Chloe Outfit - Bratpack

Available NOW 11/14/22! @ Kustom9 Cam sim! Taxi

Mug mainstore Taxi

Sintiklia - Hair Avery - Fatpack

Dubai event Taxi

Sintiklia  mainstore Taxi

OMY Frosty Pose

NEW Frosty Fidget and Typers @ The Fifty this month.

Perfect for adding a little chilly to your AO. Simply wear and done!

Select from 40s or 20s intervals between animations.

Frosty includes both male and female versions of animations. Choose from all animations or face only, single animations to add to add as typers to your AO along with particle frosty breath and EvoX unisex BOM add-ons to complete your whole frosty look

Available @ The Fifty Opens Nov 25th then in our mainstore

The Fifty Taxi

OMY Social Media


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